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Democracy A World History book

Democracy A World HistoryDemocracy A World History book

Democracy  A World History

Author: Temma Kaplan
Published Date: 15 Jan 2015
Publisher: Oxford University Press Inc
Language: English
Format: Paperback::176 pages
ISBN10: 0195338081
ISBN13: 9780195338089
Dimension: 158x 234x 10mm::308g
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Jump to 18th and 19th centuries - The term "democracy" first appeared in ancient Greek political and philosophical thought in the city-state of Athens during classical antiquity. Led Cleisthenes, Athenians established what is generally held as the first democracy in 508 507 BC. Cleisthenes is referred to as "the father of Athenian democracy. Democracy, literally, rule the people. The term is derived from the Greek dēmokratiā, which was coined from dēmos ( people ) and kratos ( rule ) in the middle of the 5th century bce to denote the political systems then existing in some Greek city-states, notably Athens. In our time, the term "democracy" is frequently evoked to express aspirations for peace and social change or particular governmental systems that claim to

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